JBE Resources Inc

With three decades of expertise, JBE Resources Inc. is a privately owned and operated business serving various countries and industries active in mineral mining, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, oil and & energy products, and other related commodities with professionalism and excellence.
We are engaged in selling, buying, and trading natural resources in International markets, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, North America, and Europe supplying physical commodities in the form of raw materials that are in huge demand for manufacturing goods. At JBE Resources Inc., we bring energy and mineral commodities to the market at scale and offer the flexibility required to meet energy demands.
JBE Resources Inc.

The world's future energy and physical commodities solutions lie here through quality performance and futuristic innovation!

Why Choose Us?

JBE Resources Inc. is recognized for the integrity and quality of our services. From initial mining to final testing and risk management, we employ the latest technologies to deliver our clients reliable and accurate data reporting on the commodities as they move along the supply chain.

We also offer a range of value-added logistic solutions that mitigate supply chain risks and safeguard quantity and quality when bringing mineral and energy products to market.

JBE Resources Inc. invests significantly in our technical equipment and experts to ensure that all of our services meet industrial standards and benchmarked requirements. Benefit from our local expertise and global reach, all delivered by committed industry experts you can trust. Get in touch today to delve deeper into the full range of JBE Resources Inc.'s mineral and energy commodities industry solutions.
JBE Resources Inc

Seamlessly serving the markets of China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan! At JBE Resources, Inc., we have the strength and vision to accelerate the energy and physical commodities transition.


Years of Experience