Players in the agricultural industry must also ensure the quantity, quality, and traded commodities values and adhere to safety and compliance needs for all global destinations. JBE Resources Inc. minimizes risk for nutrition and agriculture businesses with stringent controls at every point in the supply chain. We support our clients with a complete suite of inspection, testing, and certification services to give our clients the confidence to trade.

JBE Resources Inc.'s Agriculture Solution

Whether shipping by-products, grains, or pulses, the worldwide JBE Resources Inc. trade network helps clients reduce the risk of damage or loss of goods at any point in the supply chain. It includes loading, discharging, and sampling supervision to mitigate exposure loss. We also perform accurate testing services with integrity and independence. Our real-time alerts, market data, insightful analysis, and daily price assessments are all designed to give our clients a competitive edge in their industry.


  • SUGAR:
    INCUMSA 45
    600-1200 Brown Sugar
    Raw Sugar
  • Soybean, Non-GMO,GMO
  • Corn, Non-GMO,GMO