In today's economy, tank containers have become the main source of transport equipment. Safety is the foremost priority when transporting goods, especially those with high risk. Tank container suppliers must satisfy numerous international and national regulations and requirements specified by industry and customers. Our clients require inspection and classification services that respond to their business specifications whenever the need arises and wherever they are located.

We perform intermediate, periodic, and exceptional inspections of tank swap bodies, portable tanks, and tank containers intended for dangerous goods vehicles. Our experts also perform non-regulatory, voluntary, periodic inspections according to ACEP audits, CSC regulations, cleanliness verification, on and off-hire inspections, and more to independently verify the equipment condition.

Our Industry Expertise

An expert player in the international trade of bulk commodities, JBE Resources Inc. houses a dedicated team of experienced and skilled industry professionals to service our clients' eclectic energy and resources needs. Utilizing deep market knowledge, resource capability, strong logistics, and an extensive global network, we aim to move bulk energy and mineral commodities to international markets efficiently and quickly.

Our Team of Experts

JBE Resources Inc. is committed to progressing the selling, buying, and trading of bulk commodities. We employ our in-depth industry experience, knowledge of international markets, and the detailed technical know-how of our highly-skilled team members to provide improved value-in-use commodities to our clients and improve trading opportunities.

Our in-house schedulers, logistics experts, and mining and metal engineers' years of expertise enable robust evaluation of opportunities in the physical commodities industry.

Our Business Philosophy

With its strong leadership and innovative slant, JBE Resources Inc. aims to achieve its vision of instituting global energy, metal, and mineral coverage in healthy, secure, and potentially growing markets. We embrace our corporate responsibility to present and recommend innovative physical commodities trading solutions so our clients' operations can thrive and prosper. Our commitment reiterates our belief that our license to operate in the industry starts by putting our clients, stakeholders, employees, and environment first.