The future of managing a mineral extraction operation is highly dependent on pillars of sound technical expertise, sustainable innovation consumables, and a client-centric approach toward minimizing the carbon footprint. At JBE Resources, Inc., our Minerals Division seeks to deliver end-to-end mining and trading solutions that fuel our mines and deliver quantifiable value to our clients for their consumables and raw materials. Through technology-driven mining solutions and innovation, JBE Resources, Inc. has created a natural synergy with its clients and developed an ability to provide them with A-rated products.

Our Process

Working in global mining and refining locations, JBE Resources, Inc. has the expertise and infrastructure to minimize commercial risk through trade and upstream services.

Widest Range of Minerals

Our specialist technicians and laboratories offer analysis of most of the minerals utilized in industrial and consumer products. These range from raw materials required to make aluminum and steel to coal, iron ore, and other valuable groups of metals. We also work on recycled products such as scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals and auto catalysts.

Exploration & Mining

We enable businesses to identify viable resources and optimize their efficiency during extraction. We analyze minerals of all types, including iron-based, non-ferrous, and valuable metals, and employ high-precision assaying, trace-level analysis, and laboratory testing methods.


JBE Resources, Inc.'s trade solution covers the verification of quantity and quality of mine production across the entire supply chain. They include sampling, supervision of weighing (including draft survey), load and discharge inspection, pre-shipment, and managing blend operations.

JBE Resources Inc.'s Mineral Solution

JBE Resources, Inc. is a diversified group that trades, processes, and markets minerals and raw materials.
Our trading and distribution network allows us to market physical commodities that come from our processing facilities and from long-term offtake partners.
Our mineral division focuses on ferrous, non-ferrous, and other associated minerals. Sourced directly from the mine, we offer trading and structured financing solutions to refiners, miners, smelters, and consumers of mineral products around the world.


Non Ferrous