Mining is a high-risk option—from on-the-ground conditions to stringent environmental regulations. At JBE Resources, Inc., we help improve your mining project's safety, quality, and cost by delivering top-of-the-line services.

Environmental regulations are becoming more strict and rigid due to increased global warming, and work is often carried out under daunting conditions in which the safety and quality of the product can be compromised. At JBE Resources, Inc., we provide support throughout your mining project's lifecycle—from procurement and exploration to operation and construction—with services that cover facilities, products, assets, and processes.

Copper core drilling

Our Process

Exploration & production

Our services, such as automated sample preparation and laboratory testing, help determine your mining project's viability and ensure your commodities' integrity and quality.


Our services, such as discharge inspection, load, and product testing, ensure the quantity and quality of your commodities.