Scrap Metals

JBE Resources, Inc. runs a scrap metal recycling business with a solid client base in China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. We emphasize reusing existing resources and minimizing waste by utilizing an energy-efficient process to convert scrap metal into high-quality metal granulates.

JBE Resources Inc.'s Scrap Metal Solution

Our clients' requirements constantly evolve, and we are dedicated to delivering the standard quality to meet their distinctive needs. This establishes our reputation as a trustworthy supplier.

At JBE Resources Inc., we offer a complete suite of scrap products, including ferrous and non-ferrous products, and exceptional risk management, buying, selling, and trading services to our clients across the supply chain.

JBE Resources Inc. emphasizes eco-sustainability practices and invests in implementing state-of-the-art infrastructure to reduce and control toxic emissions and protect the plant's immediate environment.